Sharossh and The Three Druids of The Claw

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Sharossh and The Three Druids of The Claw

Post by Sharossh on Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:29 pm

Sharossh bored with waiting for cousin-Sharossh. Sharossh and Roar say bye to GramGram-Sharossh, Mama-Sharossh, and Papa-Sharossh. Sharossh no want go through tupid forest again! But Sharossh and Roar have too! Sharossh turn into goggie and start running into tupid forest with Roar right behind Sharossh! Sharossh go left! Sharossh right! Sharossh go left den right den left, left, left, right! ….. Sharossh got lost! Sharossh no longer let Roar tell Sharossh how to get home anymore!

Sharossh sleepy now! Sharossh find big cave to sleep in! Sharossh and Roar go into big tinky cave! Eww Roar tupid cave smell like wet goggie! Roar go sleep sleep! Sharossh find three beds! Sharossh want try beds! Sharossh tries da first bed. Dis bed tupid! It too lumpy! Sharossh smash tupid lumpy bed! Sharossh jump on next bed! Dis bed duper tupid! Dis bed too squishie! “Sharossh roars!” Sharossh smash squishie bed! Sharossh niff da next bed! Dis bed tinky! Sharossh Smash!

Sharossh Future Warchief of da Horde Smart! Sharossh smash all tree tupid beds together! Sharossh make nega bed! Sharossh lay on nega bed and go sleep sleep! ….

A few hours later, a trio of druids of the claw return to their barrow den to slumber, only to find a small cinder kitten slumbering inside. As the trio ventures past the kitten they discover that there is debris across the floor and scorch marks on their walls. They then notice the snores coming from their bed chamber.

They discover a sleeping Orc Shaman on what remains of their feather beds! Returning to their bear forms the three let out a powerful roar.

Sharossh hear tupid loud noises and wakes up from nap nap! The roar no Roar! Sharossh no like waky up! Sharossh tee tree fuzzy loud bears! Sharossh pet bears! Sharossh keep! Sharossh run towards fuzzy bears! Da first bear talked! Sharossh no care Sharossh pet! Sharossh jumped to hug da bear! TUPID BEAR BITE SHAROSSH! SHAROSSH SMASH! Roar hear noise and come to Sharossh! Sharossh no want Roar git hurt! Sharossh ask earth to stop tupid mean loud bears! Sharossh use earth totem! Tupid Bears tuck! Sharossh and Roar run away from tupid cave! Sharossh find new betta nap nap site!


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Re: Sharossh and The Three Druids of The Claw

Post by Arnhammer on Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:56 pm

sharrosh smash!))

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