Shadow of Betrayal

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Shadow of Betrayal

Post by Nayadri on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:35 pm

((A story that is long in progress, first chapter is in the viewpoint of the child))

The roaring sound of thunder echoed throughout my home. I could see many shadows of the Stormwind guard running past my window. The rain was heavy, pelting against the stone roads. I heard the guards splash in the puddles as they hurried on their patrol. The splashing became fainter as they roamed farther. The midnight moon settled into the sky, but its light could barely penetrate the thick fog that had shrouded Stormwind city.

I pressed my face against the glass. Father was out there somewhere. As a captain it was his duty to ensure the safety of the citizens. It was way past my bedtime, but I was too concerned about father that I couldn’t even consider rest. I wasn’t worried about father and whatever bad guy the guards are searching for. No one could stand against father, he was a hero! The best of the best! But what if father has to stay out for the entire night? He won’t be able to take me out in the morning and give me my lessons! I wanted to follow in father’s footsteps, after all.

A flash of lightning blinded my sight briefly, startling me. I stepped away from the window, as the guards carried on in another district. I wasn’t tired, not at all. Maybe I’ll go play with my new puppy, Pitch. He has to be awake, after all puppies are so playful. I glanced at the door before I started my search. I longed to go outside and join father. I knew one day, I’ll go on many adventures with father. But mother forbade me from leaving our home, not until the city threat was dealt with.

Mother sat at the kitchen table. Her expression was blank. I guessed she was waiting for father too. She hasn’t even changed into her nightgown yet.

“Mommy? Where’s Pitch?” I asked as I tugged at her sleeve.

“I don’t know honey, just go and find him.” She responded bluntly. Her expression did not waver, but I did notice her hands were fidgeting with the necklace my father had gave her as an anniversary gift. She was wearing a gold locket in its place, must have been another gift from him. I decided not to bother her anymore, as she’s worrying about stupid stuff, as usual.

“Pitch!” I called out as I hurried into the hall ,so I could give mother some peace.

I checked the spare room, where Pitch likes to chew on items we throw in there such as shoes, old blankets, and clothes. Pitch was not in sight. But I did notice my favorite picture, now dusty, still laying against some boxes in the far right corner of the room. It was a beautiful painting of mother and father on their wedding day. I wish I was born at that time, mother looked so beautiful in her gown, and father so radiant in his armor. And they were wed in Moonglade! A place I dreamed of travelling to! I don’t know why they haven’t bothered to hang the picture in the hall or the near the fireplace. Then again, for the past two weeks they’ve been busy fussing over some “stranger”. It must be the man father and the rest of the guard are looking for right now. Father takes care of every problem though, and he’s going to take care of the stranger tonight. Perhaps after it's all settled, we can finally hang that picture.

I heard a very faint whimper coming from my room. Pitch! I closed the spare room door behind and me and darted into my bedroom. I found Pitch, blending in with the shadows created from the candlelights. He lay at the foot of my bed, no longer making a sound.

“Pitch!” I happily called and patted my thigh. But instead of jumping up excited and trotting over, Pitch laid completely motionless. Confused, I sat by his side. “Pitch?” I inquired. I picked the black puppy up into my lap. Usually his pointy ears would perk up, but instead they remained drooped. He seemed so sad and even in pain. I stroked his black fur softly, realizing he felt unusually warm. “Was he sick?” I thought grimly to myself.

As if he was responding to my inner questions, Pitch began to cough. My puppy’s body convulsed as he struggled for air. He started to spit out mucus onto the floor and I quickly noticed droplets of blood in the mixture. Completely shocked, I set Pitch down gently and sprinted for the kitchen.

“MOTHER!” I screamed.

“Not now, dear.” She mumbled.

“Pitch is sick! We must go and get medicine!” I pleaded her.

“We can’t go out there, it's too dangerous tonight.” She answered.

I started to sob and begged her. I loved Pitch so much and he needed help straight away. I knew where to exactly get pet supplies, father has taken me to the shop more than once for toys. I insisted to mother that I could go and fetch the supplies and be back safely.

“No, Bella and that’s final. Let me see to Pitch and maybe we --” She began.

A thump was heard above the roof, followed by a screeching sound like blades drawn against armor. Mother and I froze and looked up at the ceiling. We both were silently wondering what was above us. The roof creaked and groaned, and I had a feeling someone had to be up there but it wasn’t father.

In an instant, mother hurried to the master bedroom, but as I tried to follow her in she sternly told me to go back to my room and stay there. I turned around, and stared at the door that suddenly looked so tempting. Here was my chance to grab medicine for Pitch! I could totally outrun to whoever was on our roof, that is if he saw me. I listened to make sure mother wasn’t already leaving her room. She was still rummaging around in there, probably grabbing a weapon.

“Don’t worry Pitch, I’ll save you.” I claimed quietly to myself. I felt a bit more heroic, like father! With a rush of energy I began to make for the doorway, but when the hall ended and I stepped out to the commonplace, I stopped in my tracks. The candles were blown out and a gust of wind and rain chilled me. The window was flung open, and perched on the window sill was a shadowy figure. All my bravery vanished as I was paralyzed with fear.

It stood like a haunting statue, with the filtered moonlight cast behind it. It had blades on his belt, yet its hands and feet seemed clawed. Its eyes glowed, but I couldn’t see pupils. Or its face for that matter, as it bore a hood. I’ve never seen armor like the kind this person was wearing. It looked frightening and I didn’t want to get a better look. It just stared and me. I felt it was waiting for me to do something.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” My mother howled. She rushed to my side, bearing her favorite hunting rifle. Another lightning flash hit, turning the room pure white for one split second. Yet in that brief time, figure had vanished!

“Bella, go to your room now and lock the door. And by the Light, don’t come out until I get you.” Mother said to me before she rushed out the door.

This time I listened to her. Without hesitation I rushed to my room, slamming the door shut. I fumbled with the lock for a few seconds before successfully locking my door. My heart was racing and my body trembled. In my head I prayed that father would come soon.

A short whine interrupted my thoughts. Pitch was where I had left him, but there was more mucus and blood on the floor. I cried softly as I stroked Pitch once more, trying to comfort him. There was nothing I could do for him now, but hope that he would make it through the night. I thought it’d be nice if I gave him one of my pillows in case it might make him feel slightly better. I stood up and reached for one of my softer pillows. When I placed my hand on it, I noticed it was damp. At first, I thought Pitch may have had an accident on my bed. But it didn’t smell, and Pitch was too small to jump on the bed without help. I glanced up at my window which was next to my bed. There were wet spots on the frame, that could only have been made from water. My window had been opened! There were no fingerprints, and it's impossible to open my window from the outside, or so I had thought…

A grim realization came over me, goosebumps crept up my neck like a spider. My heart felt as if it were beating out of my chest. Silently, I turned towards the direction of my shelves and my wardrobe. My sight focused on the floor, as I found drying footprints leading off my bed. I must have been so focused on Pitch to notice, as Pitch was almost laying on top of them. My eyes followed their path until to my horror they lead to a pair of boots peeking out of the shadows. It disturbed me that white claws poked out of the boots. I didn’t want to look up, but I knew I had to.

I slowly lifted my head to meet the gaze of a pair of glowing eyes in the shadows. It was indeed the same person from the window. As I took two steps back, it stepped forward out of the shadows. He appeared to be a man but there was no way he was human. I was able to get a better view of him. His outfit wasn’t composed of shining plate armor, not like my father’s. His armor was dark and grim and the swords at his waist were sharp and stained. I stepped behind the side of my bed, observing his every move. I’ve never felt so scared before.

He took one more step and crouched down. His gaze was firm, burning through me like cold fire. Despite of his spooky appearance, he seemed curious with his head slightly tilted. I gulped. He probably was thinking of how to kill me. I caught a glimpse of more white peeking out of armor, especially around his knees, hands, and chest. It was noticeable around the tears in his armor. I had a glimmer of hope that maybe I’d survive because his weapons weren’t drawn yet. But his claws could do some harm I’m sure of it.

Our staring contest, which felt like it had gone on forever, was broken abruptly when he looked down at Pitch.

“What is wrong with him?” He asked.

“Wh-what?” I stammered.

Now he was staring at my puppy, who was barely breathing. I was appalled. There were so many questions circling in my mind like a maelstrom. Why was he so interested in Pitch now? Wasn’t he going to hurt me?

I thought maybe if I hold a conversation with him, it’d buy me more time. Enough time for mother and father to rescue me.

“I-I don’t know” I responded.

He picked up Pitch, who whined softly in response. The “man” inspected pitch. Observing intently to how Pitch coughed up even more mucus. While he studied Pitch, I heard the front door of our home burst open. I thought of running, but I was fearful if I made any sudden movements, the intruder would snatch me. Mother and father must be running for my room right this moment.

But to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. I heard even more noises, almost like shouting. Relieved I could hear the voices of my parents, but I wished they’d hurry over here. The stranger had to have heard them too, but now all he seemed to care about was Pitch for some reason. There were even more noises coming from the commonplace room. Glass breaking, poundings against the wall, and more shouting. I could barely make out anything, likely due to being locked in my room and the roaring storm outside.

“Oh, for Light’s sake, I think he’s in the room with her! Samuel please!” I heard mother cry out to my father.

I couldn’t hear what he said, but the sounds of destruction became even louder. The stranger looked more tense. He was patting Pitch on the back, as though he was trying to make him cough more. Pitch looked so weak and terrified. Then I heard a loud bone-chilling scream from my mother and then I didn't hear her again.

I peered at my door. “M-mother?” I whimpered softly. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the stranger stared motionless at my door too. Then he looked back at me.

“And his name is--?” He inquired, motioning towards Pitch. Still he continued to ignore the commotion outside!

“Pitch”. I answered nervously.

“Well, your little beastie Pitch here is very ill. He needs medical attention and fast.” He replied deliberately.

“Bella?” I heard my father’s voice finally call, followed by footsteps that slowly got closer to my door.

I kept my attention towards the stranger, his unnatural glowing eyes still bothering me. He stood up, firmly holding onto Pitch. I seriously began to question if I should run for my door now, and get father. I felt my father getting closer, any moment now…

“It has been a pleasure, Bella. I’ll see you again real soon” He said to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. I felt a terrible wave of dread come over me. He didn’t answer though. Again, he just stared, but more intently than before. He towered over me, like the giant shadows that are cast around a spec of candle light. I wish he stayed crouching down.

“Bella?” My father called outside me door and began to knock hard.

I wanted to scream out for father, but I bit my tongue. The stranger could still snatch me. But to my shock, he climbed on my bed and then with one quick stroke of his hand he broke my window. Glass littered my bed and a gust of chilly wind struck my face.

“BELLA?!?!” My father shouted.

With a loud crash my father kicked down the door. My back was to him while I was immobilized with grief, staring out my broken window. He took Pitch… My puppy was gone. Just like that. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Father wrapped me in his arms, relieved to see that I was okay. But I wasn’t, I was hopelessly lost as to what happened to me.

“We need to get to the keep, we’ll be safe there.” Father said.

I turned towards him as he started to pick me up. I could tell something was wrong in his eyes. Father always had a glimmer of happiness, but now there was nothing.

“What about mother?” I asked father.

“Don’t look.” Father replied in a dark tone.

Hairs stood up on my body. I have no clue what father meant, but I wanted to see my mother, more than anything now. He picked me up, and started to carry me. He held my face against his breast plate and started to move towards the door. Right now, I needed to know where mother was, but father kept a firm hold. As I felt us getting closer to the open door to our home, I squirmed until I could peek over his shoulder.

Mother was laying down in a pool of blood and glass, her gorgeous blonde hair a tangled mess. Her body was beaten and twisted all the wrong ways. I wailed out in despair. I wanted to be by her side, I couldn’t leave her. I begged father to stop so I could go to her. But his grip tightened around me as we hurried off into the night.

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Re: Shadow of Betrayal

Post by Nayadri on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:37 pm

“Are you ready?” Father asked as he appeared in my doorway.

I didn’t sleep the night before. It was my first night back after the attack at our home. Then again, I could barely sleep in the quarters of the Keep. Father, with the help of his men, boarded up the broken windows and collected my mother’s body. I regret struggling to look over father's shoulder. Seeing mother's mangled corpse was too much. The sorrow of losing two individuals had put such a heavy weight on my chest. Pitch was a gift from my mother and that hurt me so much more than people would know. Even if my mind was clouded with grief, I could see the stranger’s glowing yellow eyes clearly in my nightmares. I was afraid.

I shook my head at my father. It was the morning of the funeral for my mother, and I wasn’t prepared to say my goodbyes yet. There were many moments where I felt this was all one dream, and I’d wake up to her. But I had to face the cruel reality. Father walked over and sat next to me on my bed and wrapped one arm around me. He hasn’t been the same, I barely saw him for the last five days. Well, I haven’t felt the same either. I knew he must’ve been questioned by his officers and off searching for the intruders. Or so, I assumed mother and father were in the commonplace for quite some time because there was more intruders than just the stranger in my room. I was left in the dark of what had happened, and that frustrated me.

“I know how hard it must be for you, and today is not going to feel any easier. No nine-year-old little girl should ever have to endure this. But you need to be strong, my child.” Father told me.

I looked up at him, unable to hide my desperation for answers.

“Is something troubling you, Bella?” He asked.

“Father, please tell me what happened that night.” I pleaded. We have argued about this over the past few days, as he refused to talk about it. But I needed to know what had happened when mother ran out the door that awful night. I laid my head on his shoulder. “Please.”

He sighed, giving in to my requests. “Do you know why I’ve been on double patrols for the past few weeks?” he began.

“Because of the stranger in the scary armor?” I asked.

“That’s right. The Stormwind guard has been looking for this individual for weeks now, as he posed a threat to one of our guard. That guardsmen was found brutally murdered the day that your mother was killed. I was gone, searching every corner of this city. To make that criminal pay for his crimes. When your mother came looking for me Bella I was so scared of what could have happened to you.” Father told his story, his expression becoming darker.

“Who is he? He has white claws!” I exclaimed.

Father looked at me, puzzled before his face softened from a realization.

“No, Bella. He doesn’t have claws. Those were his fingertips, or rather, the bones of his fingers. He’s a Forsaken.” Father explained.

“...Forsaken?” I skeptically asked.

“Forsaken are undead folk, raised to do the bidding of The Dark Lady, Sylvanas. They typically have glowing, yellow eyes. They are scourge monsters of the Horde. I read stories of the fall of Lordaeron and the tales of Sylvanas and her people to you before.” Father informed me.

I remembered now. Father would often try to scare me with these stories of the undead. How they were once decent human beings, driven mad by the undeath. My father encountered many undead in his travels, and brought them all down. Yet the stories usually describe the Forsaken as vicious animals that will kill anything that moves. The stranger acted different in my room. It didn’t make sense. I shuddered at the thought that an undead man had been in my room.

“Now who is he? I don’t know, but he’s been given the nickname Bloodblade, due to his talent in assassination.” Father continued, I noticed he started to sweat while he stared at the floor as he tells more of the story. This murderer must have bothered father more than I could have imagined. “Your mother and I rushed home, only to be ambushed. Bloodblade shattered the window. We screamed for him to reconsider his actions, but that brute murdered your mother in cold blood. Then he tried to break into your room and take you away from me…”

I looked at him, bewildered by what I just heard.

“No, father. Bloodblade couldn’t have murdered mother, he was in the room with me the entire time. He broke my window when he left and took Pitch with him!” I cried.

Father immediately stood up, he marched to the door and stopped. His fists clenched so tight his knuckles turned pale. He started to tremble, but I didn’t know what to do or say.

“Bella -- I know what I saw, and Bloodblade murdered your mother right in front of my eyes. You mind was poisoned from terror and you imagined things.” Father said in a shaky voice.

“Father! Bloodblade was in my room, there must have been another person!” I argued.

“Get ready for the funeral ....This conversation is over.” Father seethed. He slammed my door behind him. He has never acted that way to me before. A single tear drifted down the side of my face.

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