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Art by other people

Post by Opide on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:32 pm

Throughout the years I've had a lot of sweethearts draw my cuties for comissions and other things.

Commission I had done of my precious troll babe by Umcha! She does commissions and she's so awesome aaaa.

Autumn/Nokha drew this one of priestpide when her story was shifty. She was really cute tho and I really like this so much look at that fancy inking and stuff aaaa.

A birthday present from forever ago when Opide was in the Republic and wore a feather in her hair. It was my first art I'd had drawn ever and it was from Rasek. I cri everytiem

I don't remember who did this, it was someone from Flight Rising. #shame It was a Valentine's present for Hito. Or their birthday idk.

This gets an honorable mention. I don't know who drew it but it's sitting in my art folder so there you go.

Did anyone else get commissions done! Let's see them!

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