The Scent of Bloodthistle

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The Scent of Bloodthistle

Post by Dnasis on Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:30 pm

It was a crisp, refreshing evening at Sartheril’s Haven, made lively by the party happening. One of many, many celebrations for the restoration of the Sunwell, the party nevertheless did not let up on the dancing, drinking, and merriment. Lord Sartheril would have it no other way.

D’nasis Chillblade sat a small table, seated for two, sipping a small goblet of wine. Normally geared like a Farstrider scout, tonight the raven-haired sin’dorei was adorned in elegant, dark purple befitting his station and the occasion. A group of blood elves approached, and D’nasis stood up to greet them. “D’nasis Chillblade! Hero of Tranquilien!” shouted the sin’dorei in front of the group. He turned to his friends. “This is the rogue that helped fend off a Scourge incursion only a few days ago in the Ghostlands.”

“it wasn’t just me,” D’nasis stammered, trying to recognize the group. Their clothing bore insignia of a two-headed phoenix—these must be the Sunfury, recently inducted into Quel’Thalas military by Lor’themar Theron himself. Unfamiliar, only because for years they served Kael’thas in Outland. How fortunate D’nasis did not go to Netherstorm.

“Of course, your girl was there, right?” The lead Sunfury glanced past the rogue’s shoulder, and D’nasis turned around. There she was, arriving to the party and speaking to the attendants. Michala, the love of his life.

Beautiful as ever, the priestess wore a dress in the red and gold colors of Silvermoon. Her auburn hair shone in the fire light. She noticed him and finished her conversation, walking up to them. D’nasis pulled her close and kissed her, the intoxicating, faint scent of bloodthistle on her lips. “Starting early?” he whispered to her, regarding the herb. She shushed him playfully.

The Sunfury greeted her. “Quite the catch you have there, Chillblade.”

D’nasis and Michala exchanged glances as they stood side by side. “I’ve saved this fool’s hide more times than you can count in Outland,” she responded.

The rogue smirked. “The Light shines so brightly in her, even for a priestess. She is my own Sunwell.” Michala sighed happily and rested her head on his shoulder.

“You met in Outland, I take it?” asked another Sunfury, implying the possibility of these two groups being enemies on the battlefield.

“We met and journeyed together through Terokkar and Shadowmoon,” D’nasis answered, reassuringly. “We fought fel orcs and helped the arakkoa of the Lower City.”

“The birds?” one blood elf scoffed.

“Yes, the arakkoa. I learned a great deal from them. Did you know, long ago, they once revered the sun as we do? They are a tragic people.”

The lead Sunfury interrupted. “Have you heard the rumors lately? A member of the Dalaran Council of Six has recently returned to Silvermoon.”

“Aethas Sunreaver,” Michala replied. “Something about… blue dragons, so they say.”

“Yes, things do not seem to let up ever, even after the Sunwell has returned to us. And more Scourge?”

“There have been increased numbers along the Plaguelands borders,” D’nasis said. “In fact, Michala and I will be doing one last mission in the Ghostlands in a couple days.”

“One last mission?”

“We will be taking a break from service. We are engaged to be wed.” Michala beamed.

The Sunfury group congratulated them. Soon after, they parted and mingled with the rest of the party.

Michala turned to D’nasis. “They don’t seem to be such a bad lot.”

“I guess so,” he replied. “Still, they did willingly work for the prince as long as they did.”

After a pause, he spoke again. “Do you want to get out of here?”

She gave him a sly grin.


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Re: The Scent of Bloodthistle

Post by Dnasis on Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:43 am

“Do you see him?”

D’nasis peered through the telescope. “Yes.” Across the vale, in the Plaguelands proper, a small host of Scourge moved to the west. The rogue scanned the rest of the area. To his left, in the east, the Quel’Lithien Lodge seemed empty and quiet. Far to the west was the edge of the Plaguewood, its mushroom canopy towering into the smog. And far out in the distance shown the Light of the Northpass Tower.

“We have to get to them before the disappear into the Plaguewood,” Michala noted, as they perched on a large boulder.

They had been trailing this Scourge host since the Ghostlands. Its leader was a nerubian crypt lord, Anub’Kerum, that had been personally responsible for many heinous attacks in that area.

D’nasis trained his telescope back onto the hulking beetle. His massive horn caught and reflected light, making him easy to spot. In fact, much of the crypt lord’s head was coated in a bright blue metal, which the two blood elves had found curious. The crypt lord was also unique in that he had a dark blue burst of hair behind his head plates.

The rogue continued watching. “They’ve… stopped. It seems they’re splitting up. This is our opportunity.” He collapsed the telescope, putting it into his pack.

“Do you think we should wait for the rest of our group?” asked the priestess.

D’nasis got a small vial out of his pack and opened it. “We might never have a better shot at this, Michala.” He poured several drops onto one of his daggers. As the liquid hit the blade, wisps of icy vapor floated off. This chilling poison was his namesake. He poisoned the other dagger and put the vial away.

“Alright,” she said, and murmured a few spells to herself. “Let’s go.”


The two blood elves had tracked Anub’Kerum to a cavern entrance just inside the Plaguewood boundary. Whenever a ghoul or two had wandered off too far, D’nasis silently dispatched them. Thus far, no one had seen them. It was time to enter the cave.

Even with their excellent elven night vision, the two could barely make out anything inside. They dared not create light, however. Inside, it was silent, and only the smell of undeath persisted, as was expected. The two had stayed close as they continued to wander in. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea….

“I have been waiting for you, D’nasis Chillblade,” announced a deep voice behind them. Michala instinctively created a small font of Light, and illuminated the cavern. The crypt lord recoiled slightly as he came into view, his horn and head plates glinting. Anub’Kerum continued. “The Lich King has paid special interest in your activities here.”

“I’d like to think I’m kind of a big deal, yeah,” retorted D’nasis.

Michala sighed. “You’re just feeding his ego.” She continued whispering warding spells under her breath.

“You mock forces you cannot fathom, elves,” said the crypt lord, angrily. He looked at the rogue, who was crouched and ready. “Be wise, and give in, and your master might be much more merciful.”

The priestess stood in front of the rogue. “We’re kind of a two-for-one deal, and even then, we’ll have to decline. Free will, and all that.”

The crypt lord narrowed his eyes. “One way or another…” Several ghouls leaped out of the darkness. Immediately, Michala waved her hand and many of them fled away in fear. D’nasis reappeared on Anub’Kerum’s back, attempting to stab somewhere vital, but the crypt lord spun around quickly, flinging him off into the darkness.

Michala shot streams of Light at the nearby ghouls, as many of them burned and screamed. They were faltering quickly, but many more came to replace them. She threw her hands out, and a holy shield of energy burst away from her, knocking them all back. A blur moved from right to left behind them as daggers severed ghoul heads from necks.

The crypt lord, made no move to fight, oddly, as the two elves dealt with the remaining ghouls that swarmed in. “Enough!” he roared, with such force it brought the two to their knees, clutching their ears. Immediately he charged towards D’nasis, knocking the rogue into the cave wall. He collapsed, unconscious.

Michala stood up, defiantly between D’nasis and Anub’Kerum. “Out of my way, girl. The Lich King has no need of you. He requires the rogue.”

“Your Lich King needs to do his research better. I’ve slaughtered dozens of Scourge just on my own.” She casted a power word and a shield enveloped both elves.

“You will move out of the way, or you will die.”

The lighting in the room faded, into something much more sickly. Michala clenched her fists as she looked down, and shadowy energy began to swirl around her.

“I do…” she said slowly.

Dark, ominous wings erupted furiously out of her back. Her eyes became a solid dark purple as she looked up at the crypt lord. Her skin was pale white and ghastly, and yet she was still hauntingly beautiful.

“...WHAT I WANT!” She shoved her hands forward together, palms stretched, as a massive column of shadow magic hit Anub’Kerum in the face. He screamed in agony, as the blast tore at his mind, and his hair immediately went white from the sheer amount of stress. The massive beetle turned around, running into the dark.

Michala cooled down, the wings fading away, as she turned around and shook D’nasis. “D’nasis, please! Wake up! Please, wake up, please!” His body did not move, so she spoke a few words and channeled Light into him. “Dany, please, please wake up, my love, please, please…”

D’nasis began to stir, and his eyes opened, just in time to see the crypt lord’s metallic horn burst through her chest. Anub’Kerum lifted her body up and threw it off against the wall, and turned back to the rogue. The crypt lord was furious, his face disfigured and the white hair still white. Several cultists appeared, and just as D’nasis tried to rise, one channeled a spell that put him back to sleep.

“I hope you are worth the trouble,” Anub’Kerum declared.


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Re: The Scent of Bloodthistle

Post by Dnasis on Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:44 am

D’nasis awoke slowly. He was still very groggy, but he could tell he was outside, in a caged cart, bound and gagged. The rogue slowly looked around, and noticed the human on the other side of the cage, also bound and gagged, but fully alert. He wore heavy, ornate plate.

The air smelled of death, and undeath, and surrounding the cart marched many cultists and Scourge. D’nasis looked towards the sky where they were heading, and a great necropolis loomed.

“They are taking us to Acherus, the Ebon Hold,” answered the human. D’nasis looked back, and saw the cloth around his mouth had somehow just burned away to cinders. “Well, they’re taking you to Acherus. I have other plans.” The human looked to the sky behind the procession as a green meteor streaked through the sky. “Ah, my ride is here.” He looked back towards the rogue. “Ah, chin up, now. Maybe you’ll be lucky and not survive becoming a death knight. After all, none of this will matter. Horde, Alliance, the treacherous Scourge? The Burning Legion will come, and all will fall to ruin. I guarantee it.”

The infernal crashed into the ground right behind the cart, obliterating the back end and throwing D’nasis forward into the front bars.

“Or maybe, we’ll meet again, blood elf. But I doubt it.” The human laughed as he jumped out into the ensuing carnage.

D’nasis Chillblade fell back unconscious, his thoughts lingering only on her, and the scent of bloodthistle.


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Re: The Scent of Bloodthistle

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