Welcome to Emerald Dream Roleplay!

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Welcome to Emerald Dream Roleplay!

Post by Opide on Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:44 pm

Hello everyone! A lot of people had some questions about the purpose of this board, so I just wanted to address them here. Emerald Dream Roleplay started off from a discussion on how hard it was for people to post stories in the forums- either they would get totally ignored, or the same few people would be posting on the boards, encouraging stories. It was suggested that perhaps a forum created solely for roleplay stories would make people feel more comfortable sharing their talents. A place where no one could downvote their stories and discourage them was the first and foremost reason why this forum was created. From there, it was expanded to include other forms of roleplay, in game and out of game. It was not intended to replace the official Emerald Dream forums, or any other forums for the server that may be out there. Post your stories in any place you wish, we strongly encourage to use multiple ways to get it out there. Just know that this forum is available for the discussion of roleplay and roleplay only.

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