Lera's Long List of Old Stories

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Lera's Long List of Old Stories

Post by failefayce on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:25 pm

(( Turns out I have too many stories posted on the officials to post them all here, so uh. Here's a long list of links instead, I guess. They're in order of when they were posted, not in chronological. Some of these are kinda old... Sorry I write so much, haha. I think I found everything. Maybe. Hopefully. ))

Leran'thiel Stories:

First Meetings
The Fall
Erdoare'dal Is a Giant Sweetheart
The Light Welcomes
Herbal Remedies
Heading Home
Reaching for the Light
Poison Dreams
You're Supposed to be Dead, Flower
Bedside Manner
When the Dead Do Walk
Rest and Recuperation
Second Chances
Starting Over

Umcha Stories:
Shattered Balance
I'm Not Jealous
Simple Steps (note: this was a 13k word piece, with parts written by Juzmik, Rasek, and Taz'jin.)
I Had A Nice Mother
Broken Things

Eldie Stories:
Time Went By (note: this was the original incarnation of Eldie, and is not quite the same as the current.)
On the Bonnie Banks of Lake Mereldar
She Loves to Dance

Llywelya Stories:
Even An Idiot Can Use A Crossbow

Norellia Vis'lean (blood elf) Stories:
This Isn't the Costume I Wanted
Brewfest Bitterness

Tyreyvia Stories:
Tyreyvia Dir'thenti and the Day the World Turned
Lockets and Rings
Idle Fingers

Feydoral Stories:

Tzulagi Stories:

Izdormi Stories:
Shifting Sands

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